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19 April 2024


NB Harnser

Well its was another rough night with the wind and rain but it had cleared up when we got up this morning, so we set off at 10 in the sunshine for an uneventful trip to Kidsgrove to moor on

19 April 2024 at 12:00

NB The Maisibert

After a phone call yesterday asking if we could get the boat in so work could start today we travelled down the arm to meet a traffic jam on the one and only lock, so returned to Braintree and will

19 April 2024 at 11:01

NB The Maisibert

We arrived at the top of the Welford Arm Wednesday but because of poor internet I was not able to update the blog, it was a cold and windy journey.

Soggy Socks And Paws. 16th April

NB Oleanna

*Bollington Underpass* No tea in bed this morning, Lemsip instead. Fortunatly Mick was starting to feel improved. He did plenty of chores, filling the coal skuttle, got another bag of coal off the roof. Emptied the ash pan and left

18 April 2024

Day 1 of our hols and not the best start.

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

April 17th A break in the weather at last and a great morning to set off in MB. Took far longer to reach our destination though, not because of traffic, but a slight detour was made to collect our post

Stratford Canal to Birmingham

NB Huffler

The water depths on the North Stratford have been dreadful. It was a real struggle to get from below lock 5 where we moored the previous night to where we were at bridge 3 last night. This morning we leave


NB Harnser

Yesterday evening we watched as the sun dropped below the railway viaduct hoping for a good coloured sunset, but it didn’t happen, the sun just went to[[DSCF9277]][1]bed. Later the sky was crystal clear with several planes in the sky, as

All Hail Let Loose. 15th April

NB Oleanna

*Bollington Underpass, Bridgewater Canal* Overnight we were woken on several occasions with torrential rain or was it hail beating down on Oleanna. This continued throughout the day and evening, interspresed with bright sunshine every now and again. Strong strong winds

17 April 2024

How to install an 800W+ Solar system on a Canal Boat

NB Floydtilla

**Our system cost well under £800 including some high quality tilting solar mounts and extra large solar panels (425 Watts each).** [Two Longi Solar 435WP panels mounted on Semi-Permanent Adjustable Mountings from Midsummer Energy]Panels Tilted for maximum power early in

North Stratford Canal - to Bridge 3 near Kings Norton

NB Huffler

Setting off this morning the weather looked quite nice. Cold but looked nice. we rose through the final 4 locks some of the bridges were quite low but the engine chimney did go under .... just some pretty wild primroses

Bosley bottom lock

NB Harnser

Last night was the coldest this trip with it dropping to 1.2°C on the boat roof, so possibly a bit of ground frost, this was after it had stopped raining. This morning it was bright sunshine so we were away

Cheering Dave On. 14th April

NB Oleanna

*Trafford Park to Patricroft Bridge to Bollington Underpass* Subjects on the Geraghty zoom included Woodcraft Folk, empty lofts, line drying and phonics. Joans little chair was being enjoyed as a place to sit for the latter by Penelope. **More moving

16 April 2024

16 April 2024 at 19:12

NB The Maisibert

After completing Watford Locks the next challenge was Crick Tunnel normally very wet inside the tunnel but suprising after the amount of rain we have had recently it was fairly dry.

16 April 2024 at 19:04

NB The Maisibert

Although the canal is quiet we had a fairly long wait at Watford Locks for one boat to travel up and two boats to travel down the reason being the locks are staircase.

Grand Union Canal - Hatton Top to Lapworth - North Stratford Canal

NB Huffler

So I missed the computer spelling Lapworth incorrectly and now cannot correct it. Sorry folks. It reads correctly on my copy but not yours. After the long slog up Hatton yesterday it was off to Shrewley Tunnel. Not a long

Bosley Locks top

NB Harnser

We woke to a lovely sunny morning which was nice after the wind, rain and banging about last night, I crawled out sometime after midnight to tie the rudder down tighter to stop it creaking and squeaking, at about 4am

Safety First.

NB What A Lark

The time had come for WaL to have the four yearly Safety Check. The first time we had WaL done yonks ago back in 2016 I think it was, the marina we were at previously organised the safety checks for

Selfridges Isn’t Just For Footballers! 13th April

NB Oleanna

*Thomas Telford Basin to Stretford Marine to Trafford Centre Visitor Moorings* Last night was nice and quiet in the basin. Only one goose sitting on a nest so there wasn’t another goose to squabble with and the human residents were

15 April 2024

15 April 2024 at 18:13

NB The Maisibert

After a meal in The Admiral Nelson with Jackie and Nick we decided to brave the wind and rain and travel through Braunston Tunnel to Norton Junction.

15 April 2024 at 17:51

NB The Maisibert

Yesterday we cruised into Braunston well known for not being able to get Internet hence the updating today.

Reminiscing and nostalgia in Oxford

NB Wakahuia

When we come down south, we like to park the motorhome in Dean and Phaedra's front yard. Dean and I worked together on the Waiuta Prohibition and Alexander Roaster and Battery site remediations back in 2015/16 - the sites were

Braunston to Hatton top lock

NB Huffler

Arrived at Boat on Friday and Jenny very kindly took us home to put our car in the garage and brought us back to the marina. Had a lovely meal at Cross Roads in Weedon on the way back. Sadly


NB Harnser

Not the best of nights sleep last night, first the hammering rain, then the geese, I am not sure which came next, the ducks on the waterline or the boat behind’s Eberspaecher firing up.Once were were about it was more

Work and play at Cropredy

NB Herbie

I'm glad to report that Herbie is still afloat - well you never know these days with all the weather we're having; there's a 40-odd mph wind outside as I write. Anyhow we spend a jolly couple of days on

Flapjack Fueled. 12th April

NB Oleanna

*River Irk Aqueduct to Thomas Telford Basin, Ashton Canal* The plan was to set off at 8am, we left a few minutes late as we wanted to empty the yellow water tank before setting off. There was no point in

14 April 2024


NB Harnser

Its turned quite a bit cooler again but at least its bright and dry. We were away at half ten heading towards Marple Junction, on the way we passed this imitation butty, it looks like a butty but it actually[[DSCF9243]][1]

Hong Kong Phooey. 11th April

NB Oleanna

*1st Laneside Lock 54 to Irk Aqueduct* Last night we’d decided to give ourselves a bit of a lie in today as the next few days will require early starts. However we were both awake early so no point in

13 April 2024

13 April 2024 at 20:20

NB The Maisibert

Today we started our trip to Welford to get The Maisibert blacked and tonight we are moored at the Hillmorton Top Lock

Hawk Green, Marple

NB Harnser

You don’t get two days the same, Light rain when we got up, but no rush so waited to the rain to finish, what happened it chucked it down for about half an hour then it stopped. The rest of

Blacking begins.

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Our doggie fix has come and gone, Toffee was returned to our sons a week ago, we have now resorted once again to being couch potatoes. Mind you the weather has been atrocious, not walking conditions at all, and the

Curiosity on test

NB Briar Rose

The May Canal Boat is out, and includes my boat test on Curiosity, by Boating Leisure Services. This boat will also be at the Crick Boat Show at the end of May.

A Wave To BBC. 10th April

NB Oleanna

*Canal Wharf, Littleborough to above 1st Laneside Lock 54, Slattocks* **Hello!** Alarm set for before 7am! All because of the weather which we were hoping to beat today. No time to lie in bed with a cuppa, we were up

What are you leaving behind?


What are you leaving in your wake? What do you want your legacy to be? What do you think it will be? The wake of a rib travelling way over the 4mph limit – it left boaters and fishermen fuming

12 April 2024

Bugsworth Basin

NB Harnser

Our normal 10 am start, a very quiet day on the canals, we only met 4 boats including a day boat. Just past Lyme View marina I spotter this in a field on the off side, anyone have any ideas?[[DSCF9211]][1]

On the road again

NB Wakahuia

Once again we are out on the road - this time in the South Island. As a reward/recompense for having sold the boat and not going to the UK this year, when I saw an ad for a 4 night

Horse Bananas. 9th April

NB Oleanna

*Bent House Lock 46 to Canal Wharf, Littleborough* The forecast is not so good for the next couple of days, we still want and need to get moving. Our main need today was for water. After breakfast we put on

11 April 2024

Make and Mend.

NB Holderness

Well we arrived at Calcutt Marina yesterday, and moored where we had been told to. I later went up to the office to check in and they asked if we could move to the other side and stern to the

Grimshaws Bridge

NB Harnser

Last night we ate at [Ye Olde Kings Head][1] which is just at the bottom of the aqueduct down a set of steps’'. I must say I can’t remember last time we hat such a tasty pub meal. It was

Adding rubber feet to solar mountings

NB Floydtilla

**A simple fix to the roof getting scratched by the tilting system for the solar panels was to add some rubber feet, I used [Adam Hall Hardware 4903 M4 Rubber feet ][1]which are 9mm tall and 20mm wide.** Feet held

Purrplexed. 8th April

NB Oleanna

*Bent House Lock 46* An early start for Mick who headed off to Littleborough Station to catch a train just before 8am. Tilly and I stayed tucked up in bed and enjoyed a cuppa with the puzzles from Saturdays newspaper.

10 April 2024

Our Canal Boat Solar Panel Kit Parts List

NB Floydtilla

After much reseach we have built up a kit of parts to install our 870W solar panels on the roof or our narrow boat, I will need to add a few cables and some mounting wood plates. ────────────────────────────────┬────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┬─────────── **Image** │**Description**

Concrete Evidence of Lime and Cement.

NB Holderness

As rain was due by lunch time we went to bed with every intention of getting up and off earlier than usual. However with a cup of tea in bed listening to the radio and then a phone call we

Gurnett Aqueduct

NB Harnser

We were just getting ready to set off this morning when this stoppage notice came up, its about a mile and a half ahead of us, so no point in moving for a bit.[][1]. About half one an ex working

David, I'm leaving!

NB What A Lark

In March we had cause to leave the house and flee, we had workmen coming in. We were renewing our bathroom after thirty years and the plumber had asked nicely if we could be out of the house for a

Don't you just hate it when computers do this sort of thing?

NB What A Lark

Now do you remember Reader that our boating friends from NB Hodmedod sold up their home in Suffolk, sold their gorgeous boat and moved to Scotland? Not just any part of Scotland but an isolated part of the mainland that

Soaking Kathleen. 7th April

NB Oleanna

There was time for MIck to whip up a cooked breakfast before the Geraghty zoom this morning, it did mean that we’d be eating it whilst we chatted to everyone. Subjects covered, canvasing, folk, endive and sparkling ash leaves. **Zooming

9 April 2024

Half Day Holiday.

NB Holderness

It was a dreary morning with off and on rain so we decided to stay put until it got a little better. It was forecast to fair up around 12:30 and so it turned out. Mind you it was still

Bosley Top of the locks

NB Harnser

Well last night it rained again and this morning, we didn’t set off until about 2pm and no one had been passed. The rain stopped about 2 pm as forecast and the wind started picking up. Shortly before the locks


The Sumpners Afloat

**A trip to Scotland – 27th March to 7th April** The last time we had seen Paul’s Mum and Stepdad was before lockdown and a trip was long overdue. They live a long way North and so we decided to