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28 September 2023

Vaccine misery.

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

What a night. Woke a tad after midnight feeling unwell and I'm sure it had something to do with the vaccinations. My right arm was throbbing and movement painful, I had indigestion, felt hot and very shivery and the mother

Wending to Wales: Day 32

NB Briar Rose

The promised strong winds certainly blew yesterday evening and night. The rustling of the bushes was quite loud, and we were glad we were moored on rings and without any big trees nearby. This morning we set off about 8.15,

Dense Cover. 25th September

NB Oleanna

*Basin Bridge, Chesterfield Canal* In our original plan, when we’d decided to head back up to Yorkshire via the Trent, we’d thought of cruising the length of the Chesterfield Canal. This was put into our schedule and we’d have had

And the boating ends and the journey home begins

NB Wakahuia

─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Port and sherry, plus lime and lemonade at Foxton Locks Inn on Sunday evening. ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── It was bittersweet heading from Foxton back to Debdale on Monday morning. We were ready to let go but even so, doing so was

27 September 2023

Nature notes - inc spiders on boats

NB Herbie

As Roy Rogers nearly sang: An eight legged friend An eight legged friend He'll never let you down Yes folks, autumn seems to be spider time, and I realise that I've come to enjoy and even welcome them. The one

South Oxford Canal - Fenny Compton to Napton bottom lock

NB Huffler

We moored behind a lovely family from Austrialia. We saw one of the younger ones picking and eating blackberries from about 6 inches off the ground. "Stop - never pick them below waist height" I explained about passing doggies and

It rose from the depths.

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Sept 26th Vaccination day! Rain beat down on FS from early morning...groan we had to set off regardless of the weather. To Nuneaton, we travelled and had to be there in time for the morning surgery at the pharmacy. It

Wending to Wales: Day 31

NB Briar Rose

It was gone 8.15 when we set off this morning, with Adrian going down to set Cape Top Lock. There was a boat coming up the bottom one, so we could swap in the middle. The crew of that boat

Clean Siblings. 24th September

NB Oleanna

*Basin Bridge, West Stockwith* We knew today would be windy, it lived up to expectations and a touch more. However it hardly rained, so that was a bonus. We’d still not be going anywhere today. Topics this morning on the

26 September 2023

South Oxford Canal - Banbury to Fenny Compton

NB Huffler

Leaving Banbury today. See the sunken barge opposite us ? It is the Banbury Festival next weekend and they are pumping the water out to raise it for the festival. Its been here for years like this. Priming the pumps

Wending to Wales: Day 30

NB Briar Rose

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Bob and June last night, and catching up on various news from the past year. The food at The Boat was good, but the pub was too dark, the music was too loud, and the service

Is this a record!

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Sept 25th Yesterday late afternoon, boat after boat came past including historic boats [Nutfield and butty Raymond.][1] For those non boating folk a fabulous article on the [Evolution of the Narrow Boat ][2]explains the way the boats used to pair

07:30 The Time To Go … Somewhere. 22nd September

NB Oleanna

*Torksey Bottom Side to West Stockwith, Chesterfield Canal* The first boat to go past us this morning was at 6am, most probably a small boat being used by a couple of fishermen that we would see several times today. The

25 September 2023

25 September 2023 at 22:00

NB The Maisibert

We have had a busy week with visits from John and Jackie, Barbra and Andy who towed us up the locks to the Lancaster Canal, Sacha and Tom on Saturday and then a Chinese meal with Del and Al last

Feline intelligence, I don't think so!

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

I have to seriously question the intelligence of that cat! I think the owner has been moored along this stretch for quite a while, a bird feeder station was in the hedge! So this morning, as soon as I opened

Wending to Wales: Day 29

NB Briar Rose

It lashed it down with rain and blew a hoolie yesterday evening and into the night, but by this morning conditions were much better. We set off just before 8, which turned out to be just after a boat coming

Two of Us

The Sumpners Afloat

**18th – 24th September – we’re on our way home – Tixall to Fradley ** Monday morning dawned quite fair but soon deteriorated, but it didn’t matter because we had no plans to go anywhere that day. We had been

Wonderful friends are a gift - a delayed post, as is my wont at times...

NB Wakahuia

Bloody hell! It is now 26 September, we are back home in Waikanae, and the jetlag still has us in its grip - it's 3.17am, we have just had a ciabatta roll with coleslaw and tomato and a cup of

Torksey Central. 22nd September

NB Oleanna

*Torksey Top Side to Torksey Bottom Side Pontoon, River Trent* A quiet morning catching up on things and down loading a free trial of Photoshop. Tilly was kept in, no shore leave granted today, we weren’t going far but we

24 September 2023

Wending to Wales: Day 28

NB Briar Rose

We had a great evening with Helen and Andy last night, involving eating, drinking and chatting. It’s always great to see them, and it’s been a while since the last time. This morning, it had rained overnight but wasn’t actually

Heritage Gathering

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Sept 23rd Last night my good intention of getting back to FS by was foiled by another glass of wine bought. We had gone to the H&L clubhouse, it was heaving with folk we knew and of those we

Floating Fish. 21st September

NB Oleanna

*Brayford Pool to Torksey Top Side Visitor Moorings* The water tank filled as we had breakfast, the last load of pants and socks had been dried in the washing machine, it was time to head off. However there was first

23 September 2023

Wending to Wales: Day 27

NB Briar Rose

We had an undisturbed night opposite the Titford Pump House, and all the locals seemed pleased to see a boat. This morning dawned sunny and still. We were ready to go just before 8, but as I knew most of

South Oxford Canal - Nells Bridge to Banbury

NB Huffler

We need Diesel, coal and a calor gas. Rang round for diesel prices a few days ago, Cropedy £1.14ppl. Looked and saw that Dusty the coal boat was in the area. That will do. Always like to support the boats

Port-à-Binson (the tomatoes did arrive)

NB Chalkhill Blue

#### SATURDAY 16 SEPTEMBER On Saturday we drove to Épernay to do the weekly food shop and Alistair came along to do his and Sabine’s while she stayed behind with Buddy to avoid him being in the heat of a

Back To Work. 20th September

NB Oleanna

*Brayford Pool* With the forecast so abysmal we wouldn’t be going anywhere today. It actually didn’t live up to all the hype. We did have rain, we had some blustery wind too, but we’d been expecting far far worse. **Simple

Slow boat to New York


This week we started our fourth year living and working from our 50ft narrowboat on the inland waterways of Britain, and in that time we’ve taken her the equivalent distance of the UK to New York. To date we’ve worked

22 September 2023

Feline story solved

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Sept 22nd Hasn't the weather been awful? and blooming cold too... so far the stove remains cold, not for the want of mentioning getting it lit to Ian, but no, he being completely oblivious to the cold, thinks the month

Wending to Wales: Day 26

NB Briar Rose

A day of two distinct halves today — but first a mention of how great Mad O’Rourke’s was last night. We both thought it had the potential to be a big disappointment, but the food was excellent, and very reasonably

Cool Running - The Herbie has Landed

NB Herbie

Here we are on our new berth at Cropredy, only 4 boats along from where we moored four years ago. The staff here are exceptionally friendly and welcoming and all the admin was easy. Not a great deal has changed

Imp Hunting. 19th September

NB Oleanna

*Brayford Pool, Lincoln* With not having a couple of days away we decided that today we’d be tourists as much as my little toe would allow. I’d thought we might have an early start, but Panto had other ideas. Overnight

21 September 2023

South Oxford Canal - Dashwoods lock to The Pig Place at Nells Bridge

NB Huffler

A bit cooler today and a definite autumn feeling in the air as we leave Dashwoods Lock. Soon we are at Lower Heyford. There is a large Hire Base here. There used to be an American Air Base near here

Wending to Wales: Day 25

NB Briar Rose

A few years ago we would never have stopped overnight at Autherley Junction, but now it’s a popular spot. The moorings were full, with no git gaps to be seen. And we had a very quiet night. Possibly because we

Feline concerns

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Wed, Set 20th The wind and rain started quite early this morning. The solar panel was continually rattling, enough for us to vow that as soon as the rain stopped something would be put under the panel to stop it

Maps Growing Fast – Mooring, Pump out, Elsan etc

NB Floydtilla

Our maps are growing fast, we now have 900+ moorings and marinas listed in our first map, and we have also created a new map to the services you need most often like Pump outs, Elsan points, Calor Gas etc.

Back Again. 18th September

NB Oleanna

*Burton Waters to Brayford Pool, Lincoln* **Footpaths everywhere** Blimey the rain at 4am! Whilst Mick managed to ignore it I got up and closed all the windows that had already allowed rain in onto the sofa, dinette and Houdini shelf!

20 September 2023

Wending to Wales: Day 24

NB Briar Rose

We had a lovely evening last night, because we met up with Sharon and John whom we met in 2015 when we did the [Hatton flight together][1] with three boats in each lock. They now live in Gnosall, so we

Was it snowing?

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Sept 19th Something woke me early, it could have been the rain or the way the boat was moving in the wind, whichever, shock...horror.. I actually made the tea instead of Ian! It was Ian again that mentioned getting up

Fixed! Thanks RCR.

NB Herbie

After yesterday's breakdown (see previous post) the RCR man arrived promptly at 9.30 this morning and by 10.30 he was gone and we were fixed. The poor bloke opted to investigate and effect a repair in the rain and wind,

Surrounded! 17th September

NB Oleanna

*Burton Waters Visitor Moorings* The towpath was very busy this morning. Mick popped his head over the top of the bank and noticed banners flying in the breeze, something about 5km. We assumed it was a 5km park run. Then

19 September 2023

The tale continues.

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Part 2 So having left you all yesterday with us just about to leave the mooring, pins were pulled and we pushed off just as a hire boat was seen coming around the bend. ──────────────────────────────────────────────── You can see the bend

Wending to Wales: Day 23

NB Briar Rose

Yesterday, the forecast for today was dire, with heavy rain and strong winds; by this morning it had improved — and in fact it hasn’t been as bad even as that. We were up and about quite early, so as

Broken down!!

NB Herbie

First things first. Grace is now out of hospital (see yesterdays post) and doing fine. Second things second. More stress. We've just called River Canal Rescue and you know what that means. We need a repair. Luckily we're at the

Intelligent Alien Carrot. 16th September

NB Oleanna

*Lincoln Visitor Mooring to Burton Waters Visitor Mooring* **Wonder how much longer I’ll be strapping my toes together for? ** Needing to run the engine in the morning to top the batteries up means there is hot water, so a

18 September 2023

18 September 2023 at 22:49

NB The Maisibert

The summer trip is finally over as we returned to the marina today arriving just as it started to pour but at least the wind dropped to allow us to moor with no problems.

Wending to Wales: Day 22

NB Briar Rose

Today has been a day of contrasting weather, and a lovely treat. It started off sunny, in spite of a poor forecast. As it was dry, we set off before 8am. At Nantwich we crept past all the moored boats

In two halves

NB Free Spirit (Jameisons Afloat)

Sept 17the With Huddersford Heritage gathering not until the 23rd, a couple of hours cruising a day is enough. We didn't get going then until mid-morning, hmm... leaves already on the stern deck, Autumn is just around the corner. The

A nail biting afternoon.

NB Herbie

They say that moving home is often a very stressful time. Well, we're on the move to Herbie's new berth in Cropredy and we are quite stressed but not for the reasons you might think. As I write, our lovely

Rainy Days and Mondays

The Sumpners Afloat

**Sep 11th to 17th – getting cooler as we slowly continue our journey back to base** Monday morning was showery/light drizzly. We needed to dump the loo, so it fell to me to move the boat along to the next